These People Love Research

We want to give you as much information as possible about market research and what it means to sign up to We Love Research. Market research companies come to us for a glimpse into the brains of the man or woman in the street. And we’ve been helping those companies to plan, organise and collect the data that they need. Put simply, we interview real people like you to get honest opinions for our clients. And we also recruit the right kind of people for their group discussions.

We use the latest methods, technologies and techniques – underpinned by our own fieldwork insights. We’re always trying out new ideas to make our fieldwork more effective. That’s why many of the leading market research agencies turn to us, both at home and abroad. We believe that good fieldwork is a bit like good dress sense. What worked a few years ago just doesn’t cut it anymore. Times change, people change.

We’re all too aware that our culture has changed faster than shoulder pads came and (thankfully!) went. From the internet to television, we’re bombarded by media and advertising at every turn. And we’re all more protective of our privacy too. We’ve grown weary of sharing personal details and exposing ourselves to unsolicited junk. We’re choosing virtual communities over face-to-face communication.

When it comes to taking part in market research, money isn’t always the biggest motivator. Most of the time we just want to know that our opinion really counts. We want to feel valued and to be respected.

So whether you sign up with We Love Research or not the one thing we will promise you is that we will treat everyone who gets involved as the human beings they are – our staff, our clients, our recruiters and interviewers, the people we survey. Everyone.

Taking Part

From the moment you become a member of We Love Research, you’re eligible to take part in our fieldwork.

This means that when a study is happening and we feel your views would be relevant to our client, we’ll post details on your account so that you can apply to take part. If we think you’ll be particularly valuable to a specific study, then we may also invite you directly. However, spaces are generally filled on a first come, first served basis, so if you see something that interests you, respond as soon as possible!

How does it work?

When you login, you’ll be taken to your own “We Love Research” section. This is where you can tell us a bit about yourself. We then email you whenever a study that suits you comes up. Sometimes we chance are arm and email you in case you might know someone that would be suitable. If you recommend someone we pay you if they take part. We can’t always guarantee you’ll get onto every study you apply for – we usually have to ask a few “filter” questions to make sure you are eating enough hamburgers or using the mobile phone often enough in order to qualify for the study. But this is what makes the study worthwhile – our judgement in making sure we pick the most suitable people for each product study is what our clients pay us for.

Can I join more than once?

Definitely not. It is strictly forbidden to join We Love Research more than once. We regard the creation of more than one account as fraud.

What happens if I don’t want to take part?

Nothing – you just miss out on a chance to share your opinion!

How old do I have to be to join?

To join We Love Research you must be at least 18 years old.

Does joining mean I am an employee?

Not at all! All it means is that we can invite you to take part in fieldwork events. You’re free to decline any invitation from us and also to unsubscribe at any time, for any reason.

Most of the time you are given an incentive for taking part in any survey you qualify for and participate in, as a token of our client’s appreciation. This is not a salary or wages – rather it’s a gift to cover any expenses you incurred during the course of the survey. It’s ultimately your responsibility to pay any personal taxation liability that may arise as a result of us paying you your reward.

How do I access my account?

Once you’ve registered and received your password, you’ll be able to log in to your account by selecting “My Account” from the menu bar on the left hand side of each page.

How secure is the website?

Our website incorporates high-grade encryption. This means your data are protected and can’t be viewed by anyone else. All of your personal details are held in a secure area of our site.

I prefer to operate my account online but I’ve been asked to call in. Why?

Unless we are able to e-mail you securely, we may need to speak to you over the phone about something.

What is market research fieldwork?

Simply put, fieldwork is gathering consumer information directly from the source. Anyone can make an educated guess about what consumers are thinking, but there’s no substitute for observing or talking to them in their own environment – their home, work, bank, hospital or shop. So in other words, your information comes from realities, not perceptions. This creates a solid foundation on which our clients can base their most important strategic business decisions.